PandaTree FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about PandaTree's tutoring service.


How do I find the right tutor for my child?

Can I change tutors?

Should I book 25 minute or 50 minute sessions?

Will I get reminders about my child's session?

Cancellations and Refunds

What is your cancellation policy?

What's your satisfaction guarantee?

What if my tutor has to cancel?

Are unused session credits refundable?

How it works

What happens in a PandaTree session?

What kinds of topics do tutors talk about with kids?

What do the tutors do with the kids?

How can I see what my child is doing in a session?

Content and curriculum

Do your tutors follow a curriculum?

What kind of content do your tutors use?

Will the tutors help my child with their foreign language homework?

Why PandaTree

Why are you focused on building conversation skills?

How does PandaTree compare to other websites and games for learning a language?

How does PandaTree compare to language classes, in school or after school?

How does PandaTree compare to an in-person tutor for my child?

Why learn a foreign language

Why learn a foreign language?

Will learning a foreign language undermine my child's native language abilities?

What age should a child start to learn a foreign language?

How do I know it is working?

If my child is just having a conversation how will I know they are learning?

How will I know what my child is doing?

Will my tutor rate my child?

Other questions

I'm still trying to figure it out. Is PandaTree supposed to be educational or fun?

What's with the panda?

What if I still have questions?

I already have lessons booked during the Holiday Camp period. Can my child do the Holiday Camp instead?

What if I book a lesson and my child can’t attend? Will I get a credit back the way I do in regular lessons?

Can my preschooler participate in the Holiday Camp? 

Payments and Pricing

How much do sessions cost?

When do I pay?

What payment methods do you accept?


Who are your tutors?

How do I contact my child's tutor?

How do you select your tutors?

My child

My child is shy. Will PandaTree work for us?

My child is 5 years old and is a beginning learner. Will PandaTree work for us?

My child doesn't like "kiddie" stuff anymore. Will PandaTree work for us?

My child isn't very motivated to learn a foreign language. Will PandaTree work for us?

My child has a short attention span. Will PandaTree work for us?

Safety and privacy

How do you protect my child's safety?

What if I have a question about safety or privacy?

My technology

What equipment do we need for PandaTree sessions?

Do I need to download anything?

How does PandaTree work with Parental Controls?

What happens if the video freezes or drops?

How do I change the keyboard settings on my child's computer so they reflect Chinese or Spanish?

Preschool Program

How do I know if my child is ready for the PandaTree for Preschool program?

Do I have to understand the language my child is learning?

Does my child have to know how to use a mouse or a computer to participate in the lessons?

Does my child need to be reading to participate in this program?

My child is 5. Should they do the PandaTree for Preschoolers program or the Beginner Program?

What do lessons cover?

Who can attend the lesson with my preschooler?

What does the adult do during the lesson?

Why don’t all your tutors teach this program?

How are preschooler lessons different from the lessons for older children?

What if my child doesn’t say much during the first few lessons?

What if my child acts up during the lesson?

Should I practice between lessons with my preschooler?

Will my child be fluent at the end of this program?

PandaTree AP® Test Prep

How is PandaTree’s Advanced Placement® Prep Program different than regular PandaTree lessons?

Can PandaTree’s regular lesson credits be used for the AP® Prep Program lessons?

What typically happens before, during and after a lesson?

Instead of completing a pre-assignment can the student get help with their own work?

What type of practice materials does PandaTree use during the lessons?

Who picks the types of exam question to practice in a lesson?

Should we use the same tutor for every lesson?

How far in advance can I book lessons?

If I need to reschedule or cancel a lesson can I?

If I’m enrolled in the subscription program and I can’t make a lesson during the week will it roll over to the next week?

When does my subscription billing start and end?

Can I add extra lessons each week? How much are they?

What if I purchase a subscription and my child doesn’t use it? Can I get a refund?

Do you guarantee that my child will pass their exam after using PandaTree?

I’m a teacher. Can I use PandaTree’s practice materials in my classroom?

How can I learn more about the College Board Advanced Placement® exams?


Money Back Guarantee

We want our customers to be happy! If you’re not 100% satisfied with your child’s session,
let us know within 7 days for a full refund.