PandaTree FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about PandaTree's tutoring service.

How it works

What happens in a PandaTree session?

What kinds of topics do tutors talk about with kids?

What do the tutors do with the students?

How can I see what my child is doing in a lesson?

How do I start my child's lesson?


How do I find the right tutor for my child?

Can I change tutors?

Should I book 25-minute or 50-minute lessons?

Will I get reminders about my child's session?


Who are your tutors?

How do you select your tutors?

How can I contact my child's tutor?

Do your tutors speak English?

Content and curriculum

Do your tutors follow a curriculum?

What kind of content do your tutors use?

Can PandaTree tutors help my child with homework or assignments?

Can I get the curriculum materials in advance?

My technology

What equipment do we need for PandaTree lessons?

Do I need to download anything?

How does PandaTree work with Parental Controls?

How do I prepare my computer for the lesson?

How do I change my keyboard settings so my child can type in Chinese or Spanish?

What happens if the video freezes or drops?

Can we do lessons on the go?

How do I know it is working?

Why is having live conversations important for language learning?

How will I know what my child is doing?

My child

What should I do to prepare for my child’s first lesson?

How do I know the right language level for my child?

Can my child learn both Spanish and Chinese with PandaTree?

Can my children do lessons together?

Can we use PandaTree for homeschooling our child?

My child is shy. Will PandaTree work for us?

My child isn't very motivated to learn a foreign language. Will PandaTree work for us?

My child has a short attention span. Will PandaTree work for us?

My child has some learning challenges. Will PandaTree work for us?

Why learn a foreign language

Why learn a foreign language?

Will learning a foreign language undermine my child's native language abilities?

What age should a child start to learn a second language?

Why PandaTree

What are the benefits of live conversations?

How does PandaTree compare to other websites and games for learning a language?

How does PandaTree compare to language classes, in school or after school?

How does PandaTree compare to an in-person tutor for my child?

Chinese Program

Is Chinese difficult to learn?

What type of Chinese does PandaTree teach, Mandarin or Cantonese?

Will my child learn to read and write Chinese characters?

What does it mean when people say Chinese is a tonal language?

Spanish Program

Is Spanish difficult to learn?

Where are your Spanish tutors from?

Preschoolers Program

How do I know if my child is ready for the PandaTree for Preschool program?

Do I have to understand the language my child is learning?

Does my child have to know how to use a mouse or a computer to participate in the lessons?

My child is 6. Should they do the PandaTree for Preschoolers program or the Beginner Program?

What do Preschooler lessons cover?

What does the adult do during the lesson?

Why don’t all your tutors teach this program?

How are Preschooler lessons different from the lessons for older children?

What if my child doesn’t say much during the first few lessons?

What if my child acts up during the lesson?

Does my child need to be reading for the Preschoolers Program?

Should I practice between lessons with my preschooler?

Will my child be fluent at the end of this program?

Who can attend the lesson with my Preschooler? Does it have to be a parent?

Beginner Program

How does your Beginner Program work?

My child has already been studying the language. Is the Beginner Program appropriate?

Intermediate Program

How do I know if my child is at the Intermediate level?

What topics does the Intermediate program cover?

Will my child learn reading and writing in the Intermediate program?


How do assessments help?

What levels and ages is the assessment designed for?

What does the assessment involve?

Can my child's regular tutor do an assessment?

Does the assessment evaluate reading and writing?

My child has just started learning a second language. Should they do an assessment?

How often should I have my child do an assessment?

How long does the assessment take?

When and how will I get the assessment report?

Payments and Pricing

What are your prices?

What payment methods do you accept?

Monthly Subscriptions

What are Monthly Subscriptions?

What's the difference between a Monthly Subscription and Lesson Credits?

How much does a Monthly Subscription cost?

Do you automatically bill my credit card for renewals?

How do I book Subscription lessons?

Do I book Subscription lessons by the week or the month?

Can I reschedule my already-booked Subscription lessons?

I have to cancel a Subscription lesson - can I get a credit?

Can we pause our Monthly Subscription for a vacation?

Can my child take more lessons each week than his/her Subscription allows for?

Can my children do Subscription lessons together?

How do I upgrade or downgrade my Monthly Subscription?

How do I cancel a Subscription?

My Subscription lesson was cancelled by the tutor - how do I reschedule?

Can I get a refund for my Subscription?

What if I need to change my credit card on file?

What are policies for Subscription lessons?

I haven't used my child's Subscription. Can I get a refund?

Add siblings to lessons

What is the 'Add Sibling' feature?

What are the benefits of using the 'Add Sibling' feature for my children?

Can my children do the lesson from different devices?

My children are already taking lessons together. Do I have to pay for a second child now?

Does this affect Group lessons?

How many siblings can I add to my child's lesson?

How do I add a sibling to my child's upcoming lesson?

How do I pay for siblings to join my child's lesson(s)?

Can my child's friends take lessons with them as siblings?

Before and after lessons

Is there anything I can do between lessons to practice with my child?

Can I view a video of our lesson afterwards?

Word Master Challenge

What is Word Master Challenge?

How does Word Master Challenge work?

How often should my child(ren) practice with the Word Master Challenge game?

How can I see my child’s progress in the game?

Why do the same words keep coming up?

What is Spaced Repetition?

Can I hide certain words?

Safety and privacy

How do you protect my child's safety?

What if I have a question about safety or privacy?

Cancellations and refunds

What is your cancellation policy?

What is your satisfaction guarantee?

What if my tutor has to cancel?

Are unused lesson credits refundable?

Technology troubleshooting

How can I test if my set-up is working?

What if I can't see and/or hear the tutor?

What if I can't hear the tutor?

What if my tutor can’t see and/or and hear us?

Other questions

I'm still trying to figure it out. Is PandaTree supposed to be educational or fun?

What's with the panda?

What if I still have other questions?

Do you offer other languages?

Do you offer tutoring for adults?

Are you hiring?


Money Back Guarantee

We want our customers to be happy! If you’re not 100% satisfied with your child’s session,
let us know within 7 days for a full refund.