Give your Child the Opportunity to Love Spanish

Spanish for Beginners is the perfect introduction for kids. Our friendly and engaging tutors make learning fun. Personalized, interactive, one-on-one sessions give your child practice saying and understanding key words and phrases used in introductory conversations. And PandaTree sessions happen online from the convenience of home at times you choose.

Spanish for Beginners
aligns with ACTFL* language learning standards

Designed for:

  • Beginning Spanish learners
  • Students entering an immersion program
  • Homeschoolers

How the Program Works

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    Your child will have live one-on-one video sessions with their tutor at times that are convenient for you.
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    Your tutor shares their screen to show high-quality PandaTree content specially developed for this program.
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    During sessions your child will learn and practice new vocabulary and phrases, sing songs, do role plays, play learning games and more. Our tutors keep it engaging.
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    Your child earns “I can do” badges as he or she gains new skills.
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    After sessions you’ll get an email update and can watch the session recording. Your child can practice their new words in their child hub.
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    You’ll get a downloadable Parent’s Guide to review the materials your child is learning.

What’s Different About PandaTree?

  • We want your child to LOVE learning Spanish. That’s why our sessions are personalized to your child, and our carefully hired tutors are people your child will actually look forward to talking with. Engaging content, badges and games add to the fun.
  • Our tutor will pace the program to your child’s needs. Already know something? We’ll move on. Need a little more time to master an area? We’ll give your child the practice needed to feel confident. Unlike classes that progress at a set pace, we adjust to your child so it is never boring and never overwhelming.
  • We believe in conversation. It’s the natural way to learn. So right from the beginning, we’ll engage in conversation so your child knows how to use the words he or she is learning.

How to Get Started

It’s simple!

  • Create an account
  • Buy session credits
  • Select the tutor and times convenient for you
  • Fill in some basic information about your child to help your tutor personalize your child’s sessions
Have questions?

Call us at: 1-844-267-2632


  • 20 sessions for $400

  • 40 sessions for $760.

  • Want to test it out? Try out 3 sessions for $70.

What Does the Program Cover?

Our program is aligned to the ACTFL’s Novice-Low proficiency guidelines. Our content “spirals” so vocabulary and sentence patterns are naturally reviewed from session to session. During sessions, the tutor and student will discuss pictures together, play games, sing songs and even do role plays. We know how to make learning interactive and fun!

When your child completes this program they will have satisfied ACTFL’s Novice-Low proficiency guidelines for Interpersonal Communication, Presentational Speaking, Interpretive Listening and Interpretive Reading, and be on their way to Novice-Intermediate.

Spanish for Beginners
Part 1

(Typically 15 to 25 sessions)

  • I can say hello and goodbye
  • I can introduce myself
  • I can ask and answer “how are you”
  • I can tell someone my age
  • I can introduce my family
  • I can say please and thank you
  • I can respond to yes/no questions
  • I can answer an either/or question
  • I can understand some basic instructions
  • I can ask for something I want
  • I can count from 1-10
  • I can name 10 colors
  • I can name 10 animals
  • I can name 10 things in a classroom
  • I can sing a short song

Spanish for Beginners
Part 2

(Typically 15 to 25 sessions)

  • I can respond to who, what, when, where questions
  • I can name some activities that I like to do
  • I can say the date and the day of the week
  • I can list the months and the seasons
  • I can ask and answer “how is the weather”
  • I can name 10 parts of the body
  • I can name 10 household objects
  • I can name 10 foods
  • I can name 5 famous people
  • I can name 5 countries on a map
  • I can name 5 famous landmarks
  • I can recite a simple poem
  • I can recite a nursery rhyme
  • I can make a short presentation about myself

How Long Does the Program Take?

We pace the program to your child’s individual rate of learning so it is never boring and never overwhelming. Typically a beginning student can complete each part of the program in fifteen to twenty-five 25-minute sessions. That pace of the program will be tailored to your child’s needs and will be faster or slower depending on:

  • Previous exposure to Spanish
  • Spacing of the sessions (about 2-3 sessions per week is suggested)
  • Age and learning style
  • Practice between sessions

Get Started Today

PandaTree is fun and effective for kids, and it couldn’t be more convenient. Help your child develop a love of languages by getting started today!

❝One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.❞
‒ Frank Smith

Money Back Guarantee

We want our customers to be happy! If you’re not 100% satisfied with your child’s session,
let us know within 7 days for a full refund.

*ACTFL Standards