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Why PandaTree ?

The College Board Advanced Placement® Spanish Language and Culture Exam is designed to be challenging, and graders are looking for certain things. We’ll help boost your score with 1-on-1 practice and feedback.

  • Personalized to your needs
  • Realistic test practice
  • Detailed 1-on-1 feedback
  • Cultural comparison discussions
  • Coaching on test-taking strategies


How it Works

Get weekly test prep practice with AP®-experienced tutors. We know students are busy, so our pre-assignments and 25 minute lessons make efficient use of your time.

Pick a tutor and time that works for you.

At least 24 hours in advance of your lesson send your tutor the material you want to work on, or complete a PandaTree practice question and submit it to your tutor for grading and comments.

(Takes 10 to 55 minutes depending on the question type.)

During your 25-minute lesson, discuss and correct your answer with your tutor, and pick the question type for your next lesson.

After your lesson watch the recording for additional review.

Practice Exam Questions

Practice for the exam with free resources from PandaTree. Sign up for a lesson to get expert feedback on your answer.

Section 1: Multiple Choice

Part A - 40 minutes

Interpretive Communication: Print Texts

Part B - 55 minutes

Interpretive Communication: Print and Audio Texts Interpretive Communication: Audio Texts

Section 2: Free Response

Part A - 70 minutes

Interpersonal Writing: Email reply - 15 minutes
Practice question
Presentational Writing: Persuasive essay - 55 minutes

Part B - 18 minutes

Interpersonal Speaking: Conversation with 5 20-second responses
Presentational Speaking: Cultural comparison presentation - 2-minute response (with 4 minutes of prep time)
Practice question

Get tips for the

AP® Spanish exam


Meet Our AP® Team

Our carefully hired tutors come from around the world and can help excite your student about Spanish language and culture.


Spanish Tutor

  • A language scholar and educator, Dimaris is passionate about language acquisition and teaching Spanish. She holds a Ph.D. in Language Sciences, and has extensive experience with AP Spanish reading and grading for the College Board.

Meet Our AP® Team

Our carefully hired tutors come from around the world and can help excite your student about Spanish language and culture.


Ken Stewart
  • ACTFL National Foreign Language Teacher of the Year
  • Former high school AP® Spanish teacher
  • Currently teaches Spanish at Duke University
  • Previously served on the College Board® AP® Spanish Language and Culture Test Development Committee
  • Question Leader for AP® Exam Grading (Reading)
  • Conducted over 200 AP® workshops


Monthly Subscription

$40 / Lesson

With a $160 monthly subscription

Weekly 25-minute lessons

With auto-billing every 4 weeks

Additional weekly lessons available for $40.

Save $100 campared to 4 single lessons


Single Lessons

$65 / Lesson

One 25-minute lesson

Our Policies

PandaTree’s AP® Test Prep lessons are taught by AP-experienced tutors using specially designed materials. Tutors spend time before and after each one-on-one lesson preparing individualized feedback for the student. For these reasons, PandaTree’s AP® Test Prep lessons cannot be done with PandaTree’s regular lesson credits. Our policies for PandaTree's AP® Prep Program differ from our normal policies.

PandaTree FAQs

How is PandaTree's Advanced Placement® Prep Program different than regular PandaTree lessons?

PandaTree's AP(R) Prep Program is designed for high school students who will be writing the College Board(R) Advanced Placement Spanish Language and Culture exam, or the Chinese Language and Culture exam in May.

The focus of the course is to help students practice for the exam with realistic exam questions and personalized feedback and coaching by AP-experienced tutors.

The 25-minute lessons can be purchased as single lessons for $65 each, or as a subscription with weekly lessons for $160 for 4 weeks.

The program is taught by AP-experienced tutors using a specially developed curriculum.

Students will generally prepare and submit a practice exam question before each class.

What typically happens before, during and after an AP® test prep lesson?

Before lessons, students will typically prepare a test question and submit it to their tutor 24 hours in advance. Depending on the type of question, the prep work could take 5 to 50 minutes. The tutor will review the work in advance of the class and prepare feedback.

During the class the student and tutor will review the assignment, the tutor will share detailed feedback, and student can make corrections with coaching from the tutor. As needed, they will discuss strategies for best answering that type of question and may do additional practice.

After the class, the student can watch the video of the class for additional review and can practice any new vocabulary added to their personalized word list.

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