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For kids ages 2-6

Learn Spanish Together!

  • A joyful introduction to Spanish with games, songs and puppets.
  • Easy-to-schedule 25-minute lessons can be once or twice a week.
  • Just $210 for 10 live, one-on-one lessons from home - no driving required.

Fact: Kids who start learning a second language before age 5 are more likely to attain native-level grammar and pronunciation. (MIT, 2018)

Spanish for Preschoolers Curriculum

Designed by experts for the way preschoolers learn best. Each lesson builds on prior ones, with repetition, encouragement and fun. Lesson pacing is tailored to each child. Downloadable songs and printouts reinforce learning between lessons.

Series 1

The perfect introduction for new learners, the series of 10 classes covers greetings, emotions, family members, domestic animals, counting, colors, parts of the face, fruits and more.

Greetings & Introductions

Family Members & Animals

Colors & Counting

Parts of the Face & More

Series 2

Series 2 builds on Series 1 and adds new topics like shapes, body parts, clothing, wild animals, and action words and foods, along with more counting.

Shapes and Counting

Body Parts and Clothes



It's Easy to Get Started

Sign up. Create an account, enter your child's age, and book a lesson time that works for you.

Join in. When it's time, log in for your lesson and participate along with your child.

Practice together. Between lessons go to the Kid Hub to download activities and Spanish songs to sing at home. You'll be amazed how quickly your child learns.

Meet Some of our Spanish for Preschoolers Tutors


Spanish Tutor

  • With over 13 years of teaching experience in the United States and Mexico, Adriana is a friendly, enthusiastic and patient tutor who works well with students of all ages.


Spanish Tutor

  • With a Master's degree in Education, Aileen is an enthusiastic, friendly and encouraging Spanish teacher who has a passion for language learning and for building rapport with her students. She fosters a fun learning environment where students can laugh, learn and feel comfortable to make mistakes.


Spanish Tutor

  • With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Minor in Early Childhood Education, Nicolle is a charismatic tutor who engages her students in fun and interactive lessons.

Meet Some of our Spanish for Preschoolers Tutors

Our carefully hired tutors come from around the world and can help excite your student about Spanish language and culture.

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Preschooler FAQs

How do I know if my child is ready for the PandaTree for Preschoolers program?

If your child is 2 and older, and can sit with you for 25 minutes, he or she is likely ready. Research shows starting kids as young as possible is best for language learning. We know young children have short attention spans and need to wiggle, and we’ve designed our program with that in mind.

Do I have to understand the language my child is learning?

Not at all! You can learn along with your child, and have fun exploring the new language together. It’s great for kids to see their parents learning something new, too.

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