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Spanish Or Chinese

For kids ages
Spanish Or Chinese

For kids ages 2-17

Language Lessons Kids Love

Learning a second language opens doors and makes you smarter. Online lessons happen conveniently from home at times that work for you. Engaging PandaTree tutors personalize lessons to your child and make learning fun.

Learn Chinese

Learn the language spoken by nearly 1 billion people!

Learn Spanish

Learn the official language of 21 countries!

Language Programs for Kids Ages 2-17

Your child will love learning Spanish or Chinese with expert PandaTree tutors in live, online 1-on-1 lessons!


Learn along with your child with songs, puppets and games.


Curriculum for new learners aligned with ACTFL standards, with each lesson building upon previous ones.


ACTFL-aligned curriculum designed for students who already have a background in a second language.

Advanced Placement®

Prep with PandaTree for the College Board AP® Spanish or Chinese exam.

It's Easy to Get Started.

Book a lesson. Choose a tutor and time that work for you. Select 25- or 50-minute lessons. No driving needed!

Log in for your lesson. Your child’s 1-on-1 lesson happens on our secure video platform from your PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad or tablet.

Watch the progress. Afterwards, get a progress update email and watch the lesson recording. Your child can practice with personalized games and activities in the Kid Hub.

Why PandaTree

Engaging, fun, skilled, experienced, and thoroughly-vetted tutors
Each lesson tailored to your child
Highly interactive platform with videos, games and other fun activities
ACTFL-aligned curriculum
Lessons recorded for parent review
Personalized games and activities in Kid Hub to practice between lessons
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What Parents Say

"My child is 7 years old, and he's been taking PandaTree Chinese and Spanish lessons for about half a year. We have found teachers that my son loves, and he is excited to speak with them. The teachers are very engaging and patient, and they gently encourage him to express his thoughts in a foreign language, so that he actually enjoys doing it. We love PandaTree, and I recommend it to all of my friends!"

- Avery

"My daughter is 5 and has been learning Spanish with PandaTree for almost a year. She found a tutor she loved right away and looks forward to seeing her each week. She had very limited vocabulary prior to beginning PandaTree and she now has a huge Spanish vocabulary, can speak in short sentences and have introductory conversation. I’m so happy I chose PandaTree and I know we will stick with it for a long time to come."

- Rachel

"My 10-year old daughter has been using PandaTree for Spanish for 4 months. She loves her tutors and they are helping her achieve her second language learning goals.She finds interacting with a tutor a fun and exciting way to learn Spanish. We continue to use the student hub for development and reinforcement on days she doesn't have one-one sessions."


"I am an ESL teacher for an online platform and wanted my 5-year-old daughter to have the same experience my students were. We tried a few different options and found the quality of the lessons to be the best with PandaTree! My daughter has loved her teachers, we enjoy the flexibility, and the amazingly quick and quality responses we have gotten from customer service. My daughter is even going to attend a Spanish immersion kindergarten now!"

- Carli

"Both of my children have taken Chinese and Spanish with Panda Tree for the past year.They always look forward to their classes, and they have a lot of fun!"

- Charlotte

Meet Some of Our Tutors

Our carefully hired tutors are U.S. based and know how to engage kids. Log in to see profiles and choose your child's new friend.


Chinese Tutor

  • PhD in linguistics
  • Teaches Chinese at a local university
  • Originally from Shandong, China


Spanish Tutor

  • BSc in education, TESOL and Spanish
  • Middle school Spanish teacher
  • Originally from Mexico


Spanish Tutor

  • MA in education
  • Taught in elementary and middle school
  • Originally from Spain

Meet Some of Our Tutors

Our carefully hired tutors are U.S. based and know how to engage kids. Log in to see profiles and choose your child's new friend.

PandaTree FAQs

How do I find the right tutor for my child?

We're really picky about the tutors we hire, and we think you'll be impressed with all of them. Log into PandaTree and read the profile of tutors to choose the tutor you think your child will like best. We recommend looking for shared interests and a personality fit.

What equipment do we need for PandaTree lessons?

For PandaTree lessons you'll need:

One of the following devices, with a built-in or external camera and microphone, and a high-speed Internet connection.

Supported Device Supported Browsers By Device
Window PC (laptop or desktop)




Mac (laptop or desktop)






Safari only


Chrome only

Android Tablet

Chrome only

Mobile Phone (not supported)

Not supported

Device Requirements

External or internal required


External or internal required

High Speed Internet Connection

1 Mbps

Test your equipment and connection before a lesson here.

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