PandaTree Tutors

We’re parents too, so we recruit, screen and select PandaTree tutors with the same care and rigor we would use to choose a tutor for our own kids.


Start From Great Sources

We recruit our PandaTree tutors from top universities in the United States and Canada and foreign language teachers’ associations. Tutors complete a thorough interview, testing and reference process with us. During the interview we explore their teaching philosophy, prior experience with kids and interest in tutoring, along with the basics like personality, attitude and work experience. When we find an applicant who is a good PandaTree fit, we send them to the next step, test sessions with real kids.


Kid-tested and Teacher Reviewed

The most important part of the process for a PandaTree tutor is seeing how a tutor interacts with children, so that’s why we set up three test tutoring sessions, with three different kids. Immediately after the session we get the child’s feedback. Certified teachers then evaluate recordings of the sessions. Pass the kid tests and teacher reviews, then we check references. We’re picky about the tutors we hire, as we should be. A fraction of the tutors that start the process end up becoming a PandaTree tutor.


Continual Coaching

We don’t stop after our tutors have been hired. Our managers continually sample PandaTree session recordings to see that kids are learning and having fun. Feedback goes directly to our tutors so they can keep improving.

We know kids learn best when they are comfortable, engaged and interested in what they are learning and when they really like their tutor!

That’s why our tutors are:

  • Engaging
  • Smart
  • Interesting
  • Articulate
  • Encouraging
  • Fun

How do I check out your tutors?

You can see a few tutor previews here, but to see all our tutors and read more details just go ahead and sign up for PandaTree. Once you have created your username and password you’ll get access to all our tutors and their profiles so you can schedule a session with the tutor of your choice.


Qiao Mandarin Tutor

Qiao (pronounced “Chow”) grew up in Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan province in Western China. She began learning English in third grade, motivated by a desire to understand Hollywood movies. Qiao was inspired to become a Mandarin teacher by her grandfather who was Dean at a secondary school. Qiao loves working with children and enjoys sharing ancient Chinese poems and historical stories with them. For fun, she enjoys reading, cooking and hiking.


Wenjing Mandarin Tutor

Wenjing has an enthusiastic and encouraging nature and loves helping students. She grew up in Hangzhou and began learning English in middle school. A love of foreign languages and cultures inspired Wenjing to learn Italian, and she spent a year living and studying in Italy and enjoying the culture. Wenjing has lived in California for the past three years. For fun, she enjoys traveling, jogging, cooking Chinese food, pasta, pizza and baked goods, and spending time with her dog, a friendly Labrador Retriever.


Money Back Guarantee

At PandaTree we want our customers to be happy! If you are unsatisfied with your child's
PandaTree session for any reason, let us know within 7 days of their session,
or before their next session (whichever is sooner), and we'll give you a full refund.