Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of learning languages.

And so do a lot of researchers who have shown the positive impact on brain development from learning languages at a young age. People used to think it caused confusion – now research shows that students who learn a second language are stronger in their native language. Bilingualism strengthens the executive function of the brain which improves focus and decision-making – something we all want.

At PandaTree we think it’s just really amazing to be able to understand someone and be understood in a different language. It enriches your life, deepens your understanding about how the world works, improves your social and cultural awareness and empathy, and can lead to richer career opportunities.

We believe learning should be fun.

Fun is better than not fun. Period. But there’s a serious reason for making PandaTree fun. We know learning a language is a journey that takes place over years. And the benefits for kids from learning a language increase the longer they stay with it. We know kids will stick with stuff longer when they’re having fun.

Having fun helps kids relax, and when they’re relaxed they are more willing to try things without a fear of embarrassment. There’s actually academic research that backs this up. PandaTree is all about getting kids to practice speaking – and so if having fun helps them express themselves more, we’re all for it.

We believe in a conversation focus.

Maybe you remember your high school language class – you mastered conjugating the verb “to speak” in the future imperfect tense, but could you speak the language when you went on vacation? Sadly no.

All the vocabulary and grammar knowledge doesn’t help you speak a language if you don’t have practice using it in spontaneous conversation. There are actually different neural networks in the brain that need to be developed for conversation fluency to happen. PandaTree gets kids talking and neurons developing.

We believe in human interactions.

There’s lot of great apps for learning languages, and we love them. But there is something about talking to a real human being that makes language learning, real, tangible, and immediate. There’s a higher level of engagement in your brain – and that helps make stuff stick better.

In a one-on-one session with a real human, mistakes can get gently and immediately corrected. And tutors can check that the explanations are understood.

There’s real pride that develops when a child puts their language to work. Wow! I can talk to a real person about space exploration, in Mandarin, and they understood me!

We believe in meaningful content.

That’s why our tutors are ready with great content about interesting topics – and are use it to spark great conversations.

Different content introduces new vocabulary – and expands understanding about the world around us. How cool will it be when your child can explain why some animals are albinos, or the history of the Great Wall of China, in Mandarin?

We believe in kids.

We built PandaTree for kids to build their confidence, their brains, and their mastery of a foreign language. Go Panda Kids. Go.


Money Back Guarantee

At PandaTree we want our customers to be happy! If you are unsatisfied with your child's
PandaTree session for any reason, let us know within 7 days of their session,
or before their next session (whichever is sooner), and we'll give you a full refund.