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How it Works

  • Accelerate your child's Spanish or Chinese learning with weekly 25 minute online lessons.
  • You choose the tutor and the time for 1-on-1 live online lessons on PandaTree's platform.
  • Our Spanish and Chinese lessons are designed to be fun and engaging for kids ages 2-17.
  • After lessons you'll get an email update and can watch a lesson recording.
  • Between lessons your child can play games and practice new words in their Kid Hub.

Special Offer

  • Save $20 on your first month of Spanish or Chinese lessons for children when you sign up for a Monthly Subscription.
  • At sign up you'll save $20 on the first month.
  • After the first month you'll be automatically billed at the regular Monthly Subscription rate.
  • You can cancel out of the program at any time before your next renewal date. Your current month will not be affected by the cancelation.
  • Weeks run from Monday through Sunday. Unused lessons cannot be rolled over to future weeks.
  • Lessons can be canceled and rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance subject to tutor availability.
  • Vacation pauses available for up to two weeks at a time.
  • See additional terms and conditions.

About PandaTree

PandaTree was created to help kids love language learning. Thousands of children, ages 2-17, look forward to PandaTree's Spanish lessons and Chinese lessons for kids. Carefully hired expert tutors tailor lessons to each child's language level and interests. Lessons take place on PandaTree's interactive platform, and include games, songs, and videos. Oral Proficiency Assessments are also available.

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