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Monthly Price Per Student

1 Reg $80 Now$60 (Just $15.00/lesson) Reg $160 Now$140 (Just $35.00/lesson)
2 Reg $152 Now$132 (Just $16.50/lesson) Reg $304 Now$284 (Just $35.50/lesson)
3 Reg $216 Now$196 (Just $16.33/lesson) Reg $432 Now$412 (Just $34.33/lesson)
4 Reg $272 Now$252 (Just $15.75/lesson) Reg $544 Now$524 (Just $32.75/lesson)
5 Reg $320 Now$300 (Just $15.00/lesson) Reg $640 Now$620 (Just $31.00/lesson)

How it Works

  • Accelerate your child's Spanish or Chinese learning with weekly 25 or 50-minute online lessons.
  • You choose the tutor and the time for 1-on-1 live online lessons on PandaTree's platform.
  • Our Spanish and Chinese lessons are designed to be fun and engaging for kids ages 2-17.
  • After lessons you'll get an email update and can watch a lesson recording.
  • Between lessons your child can play games and practice new words in their Kid Hub.

Special Offer

  • Save $20 on your first month of Spanish or Chinese lessons for children when you sign up for a Monthly Subscription.
  • At sign up you'll save $20 on the first month.
  • After the first month you'll be automatically billed at the regular Monthly Subscription rate.
  • You can cancel out of the program at any time before your next renewal date. Your current month will not be affected by the cancelation.
  • Weeks run from Monday through Sunday. Unused lessons cannot be rolled over to future weeks.
  • Lessons can be canceled and rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance subject to tutor availability.
  • Vacation pauses available for up to two weeks at a time.
  • See additional terms and conditions.

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