Oral Proficiency
for Kids

Oral Proficiency
Assessment for Kids

Curious about your child's Spanish language level?

Panda Tree's Spanish Oral Proficiency Assessment is designed for students, ages 6 to 17.

Students are evaluated using the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Proficiency Standards from Novice Low to Intermediate High.

The assessment provides a functional perspective on what your child can do in Spanish, and areas to focus on next.

What the Report Includes

  • Your child's ACTFL language level
  • ACTFL "I can do" statements tested
  • Assessor's observations on:
    1. Fluency/oral production
    2. Vocabulary breadth and accuracy
    3. Pronunciation and tones
    4. Grammar and syntax
    5. Cultural awareness
  • Recommendations for getting to the next level

How it Works

Create an account, and click on "Book a Lesson". Choose "Assessment" and select one of our assessors and time that works for you.

The live, online one-on-one assessment will take 20 to 35 minutes. After a warm-up conversation, the tutor will assess your child's language level against ACTFL standards.

You'll receive a report on your student's oral language level and recommended learning pathway within 3 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do assessments help?

The assessment is designed to help you and your child understand his/her progress, and what to focus on to get to the next level.

What levels and ages is the assessment designed for?

The assessment is designed for students ages 6 to 17. It assesses students using the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) standards for proficiency. The assessment covers the Novice Low to Intermediate High levels (e.g., pre-college levels). Read: A Parent’s Guide to ACTFL Levels

What does the assessment involve?

The assessments happens during a live, one-on-one online session that lasts 20-35 minutes. The student and assessor can see each other, and the assessor shares their screen. Questions will become more difficult as the assessment goes on, and the assessor will aim to have your child perform at their highest level. The tutor will assess whether the student can answer questions or complete tasks with sufficient fluency for the level.

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