The Fun Way to Learn Spanish!

From first Spanish words to conversations about everyday life, PandaTree's Spanish for Beginners program makes learning Spanish fun.

Engaging, expert tutors tailor every lesson to your child.


Why PandaTree?

Curriculum and lessons are personalized to your child.
We start with an assessment and then build a personalized program based on your child’s Spanish level and interests for engaging learning.

Friendly, expert tutors.
Our native-fluency Spanish tutors are carefully hired and know how to connect with kids. Most have Masters degrees in teaching. Sign in, read their profiles and choose your child’s new best friend.

Practice between lessons.
Visit the Kid Hub between lessons for Spanish learning games, downloads and personalized vocabulary to accelerate learning.

Parent updates after each lesson.
Get an email update from your tutor after each Spanish lesson. You can also watch the lesson recording to see your child’s progress.

Convenient, easy to schedule lesson.
Online lessons easily fit into busy schedules. You choose the frequency.

Did You Know?

Kids who speak a second language outperform their monolingual peers on standardized tests in English and math. (CAL,1981)

Spanish for Beginners Curriculum

The Beginner curriculum is designed for students who don't yet speak any Spanish to students who are already speaking in simple sentences on a variety of topics. It includes conversation practice as well as writing and reading. Students earn badges as they learn new skills. Your tutor will assess your child's level and adapt the curriculum to their objectives and learning pace.

Beginner Series 1

Series 1 is the perfect place for new learners to start. It includes greetings, counting, helpful words, family members, colors, foods, weather, classroom objects and more.


Parts of the body

Family members


Beginner Series 2

Series 2 continues the learning. It includes who, what, where, when questions, more counting, activities, clothing, time, days, months, seasons, places to go, rooms in a house and more...


Rooms in a house



It's Easy to Get Started

Book a tutor and time that works for you.

In your first lesson your tutor will discuss your child’s objectives and interests and develop a personalized learning plan.

Get regular progress updates and watch your child's fluency grow.

Meet Some of our Spanish for Beginners Tutors


Spanish Tutor

  • With over 13 years of teaching experience in the United States and Mexico, Adriana is a friendly, enthusiastic and patient tutor who works well with students of all ages.


Spanish Tutor

  • With a Master's degree in Education, Aileen is an enthusiastic, friendly and encouraging Spanish teacher who has a passion for language learning and for building rapport with her students. She fosters a fun learning environment where students can laugh, learn and feel comfortable to make mistakes.


Spanish Tutor

  • With over 16 years of experience, she is an accomplished educator in teaching Spanish at the college level across both public and private institutions. Her experience extends beyond the classroom as a College Board AP Spanish Reader, Table Leader, and Question Leader, contributing significantly to the advancement of Spanish language education. In addition to her work in academia, she is a skilled private tutor for children and adolescents.

Meet Some of our Spanish for Beginners Tutors

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Spanish for Beginners FAQs

How does your Beginner Program work?

Students earn badges as they achieve new "I can…" skills. Students are encouraged to visit their student hubs on a near daily basis to practice their personalized word list and play vocabulary games.

My child has already been studying the language. Is the Beginner Program appropriate?

PandaTree’s Beginner Program is designed for students ages 6-12 who don’t speak the language, through to students who are speaking in simple sentences about everyday topics. It is aligned to ACTFL’s Novice level. During your child's lessons your tutor will assess his or her language level to develop a curriculum pathway appropriate for their language level.

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