Animal Caption Activity

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Module:Animal Caption Activity

Level:Novice-Mid to Intermediate-Low



Challenge your students to come up with creative captions in this fun, team-based exercise. It’s a great way to kick-off or end a semester.

ACTFL-Aligned Learning Objectives
  • Novice
    • I can say that I am (or an animal is) hungry, cold, or tired, and ask others (Interpersonal Communication - Novice Mid)
    • I can understand someone’s simple description of a photo. (Interpretive Communications - Novice High)
    • I can write simple captions for pictures or photos. (Presentational Communication - Novice High)
  • Intermediate
    • I can understand a conversation in which speakers are making a decision for a collaborative project. (Interpretive Communications - Intermediate Low)
    • I can understand a message. (Interpretive Communications - Intermediate Low)
    • I can write a description of the physical appearance of a friend or family member (or animal). (Presentational Communication - Intermediate Low)
ACTFL World-Readiness Standards Language (5C’s)
  • Communication: Interpersonal Communications


Novice-Mid to Novice-High Level



Intermediate-Low Level



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