Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year

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Module:Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year




Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival is one of the most important holidays of the year for Chinese people. Our video of the “Happy New Year” song (恭喜恭喜) and accompanying materials are a fun way to share this popular traditional song with students. Printable exercises and a memory game reinforce students’ learning.

中国新年,也被称为农历新年或春节。 它是中国人一年中最重要的节日之一。我们的视频“新年快乐”的歌曲(恭喜恭喜)和附带的材料是用一个有趣的方式来跟学生分享这个流行的传统歌曲。可打印的练习和记忆游戏可以用来强化学生的学习。

ACTFL-Aligned Learning Objectives
  • Novice
    • I can say that I am (or an animal is) hungry, cold, or tired, and ask others (Interpersonal Communication - Novice Mid)
    • I can understand someone’s simple description of a photo. (Interpretive Communications - Novice High)
    • I can write simple captions for pictures or photos. (Presentational Communication - Novice High)
  • Intermediate
    • I can understand a conversation in which speakers are making a decision for a collaborative project. (Interpretive Communications - Intermediate Low)
    • I can understand a message. (Interpretive Communications - Intermediate Low)
    • I can write a description of the physical appearance of a friend or family member (or animal). (Presentational Communication - Intermediate Low)
ACTFL World-Readiness Standards Language (5C’s)
  • Communication: Interpersonal Communications

Happy New Year Song:pathway, street, congratulations, winter, spring, wind, snow, ice, melting, wake, plum blossom, night, cock/rooster, crowing; 道路,街道,恭喜,冬天,春天,风,雪,冰,融化,醒来,梅花,夜晚,公鸡,鸡鸣

New Year Game:Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year, Spring Festival, Dragon Dance, Lion Dance, dumpling, red evevelope, Happy New Year, prosperity, fish, tangerine, clean up, good fortune, rice cake, New Year happy , May the New Year bring you wealth and treasure, couplets, red, family members, money, parade, Chinese zodiac, calendar, feast, firecrackers, fireworks, evil spirit, gifts, gold, good luck, noodles, red packets, spring, winter, year, sweep, emperor, lantern; 中国新年, 农历新年, 春节, 舞龙, 舞狮, 饺子, 红包, 新年快乐, 繁荣, 鱼, 桔子, 打扫, 福, 年糕, 新年, 快乐, 恭喜发财, 对联, 红, 家人, 钱, 游行, 中国生肖, 日历, 宴会, 鞭炮, 烟火, 鬼怪, 礼物, 金, 好运, 面条, 红包,春天, 冬天, 年, 扫地, 皇帝, 灯笼

Chinese Zodiac Game:rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, pig; 鼠,牛,虎,兔,龙,蛇,马,羊,猴,鸡,狗,猪


Happy New Year Song (Video)



Happy New Year Presentation



Chinese Zodiac Memory Game

Format:Online Game

Lunar New Year Game

Format:Online Game

Printable Exercises



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