Why Your Preschooler is a Foreign Language Learning Genius

As a four-year old, I remember my mom bundling my sister and me into our hand-me-down snowsuits and trudging over to our local library for a weekly French class for preschoolers. Once snowsuits were removed, we sat in a circle and played a “broken telephone” game, passing phrases around a circle to see if they could survive, ungarbled. We sang some French songs, including “Sur le Pont d’Avignon” and “Aloutte.” And when we learned colors, I remember being astounded when the teacher demonstrated that you could mix red and white paint to make pink – “rose”. How come we didn’t know about this in English? Such was my introduction to French, and I was hooked.

Fast forward to when French classes started in school in grade 4. I remember in one class learning the meaning of the word “pont” – – bridge  – – and having a flashback to those classes in the library, with a newfound understanding of the song On the Bridge in Avignon/Sur le Pont d’Avingon. Had my early exposure to French helped? Absolutely. And I can still sing those songs, word-for-word, today!

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PandaTree Launches Series 2 of the Preschoolers Program!


We’re thrilled to be launching Series 2 of PandaTree for Preschoolers in Mandarin and Spanish! This new series of 10 one-on-one lessons picks up where Series 1 ends, and builds on the foreign language learning for toddlers. New topics and vocabulary are introduced, including shapes, body parts, clothing, action words, foods and more. The lessons also use spaced repetition to review and build on the learnings from Series 1.

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