An Interview with Santa Claus, Polyglot

Picture of Santa Claus reading in his library

Ever wonder how Santa Claus copes with letters from kids in hundreds of different languages?

Interviewer: Mr. Claus, thank you for joining us today. I know it is a really busy time of year for you.

Mr. Claus: Ho ho, glad to be here. Some of the elves were starting to get testy so I’m glad for a little break.

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The Best Way to Learn Foreign Language Vocabulary: Spaced Repetition

Spaced Repetition is the secret to learning foreign language vocabulary quickly and retaining it longer.

Building your vocabulary is a powerful way to help boost your foreign language fluency. But cramming vocabulary lists isn’t an effective way to learn. Sure, you might do okay on the quiz in your Spanish or Chinese class, but how much will you really remember two weeks later… or in two years? And since the point of learning a language is to be able to talk to real people, busy learners need a technique that is both efficient for learning and effective at retaining new vocabulary for the long term. That’s where Spaced Repetition comes in. It’s the powerful technique for helping students learn foreign language vocabulary quickly – and ensuring they won’t forget it.

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